How to prepare teachers for subject assignments

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There is a difference between being highly-qualified and highly-effective in teaching a new subject.

You can be technically highly-qualified if you have a collegiate major or minor or pass a subject-area test.  However, in either case, if you have not taught the course before, you could benefit from some support.  As teacher accountability systems for improved student achievement are implemented the more important the need for subject-specific instructional and mentoring support.  This is particularly true when a teacher is unavoidably assigned out-of-field (no collegiate major or minor in the subject).

Out-of-field? Get prepared to be highly-effective and earn recertification credits at the same time through university online continuing education.

Qualified but new to a subject?
Would it just help to have instructional support materials (full-year course materials) and mentoring teacher access?

Grant for tuition: Florida teachers can apply for funds for the online course tuition and enroll through participating universities with an enrollment form. Tuition for teachers from other states can be paid by your School District Title 1, 2a or 5 funding, etc.


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