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Grant Estabished for Florida Teachers

Although teachers from any state or country may enroll in these online courses, a grant has been established by the Florida Legislature and approved in the budget by Governor Scott for public school teachers teaching in Florida (other states or countries may wish to establish their own grants). Non-Florida teachers may enroll and their tuition may be paid for by their own school district Title 1, 2a or 5 funds, etc.

Florida School Districts can apply for funds when enrolling their teachers with new or unavoidable out-of-field assignments in the Expert Systems for Teachers™ Series of over 100 online independent study courses through participating universities. School Districts can simply issue a purchase order when enrolling teachers online at the university sites. This sustained professional development program series enables the teacher with a new course assignment to confidently deliver content to their students.

Here are links to the Post-Test Data Report and Enrollee Comments

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Email sent to Florida school principals, superintendents and district directors

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